We all have within us the solutions to the challenges in our lives. We must learn to perceive these solutions. Seeing these challenges in a different light stimulates your brain for new positive action.

The kinesiology facilitator uses a range of tools, including muscle testing (biofeedback of the body) and the behaviour scale, which helps patients verbalise what they feel.
Because negative stress can lead to a loss of muscle tone, the facilitator, with help from the patient, will search for the origin and nature of this stress, and find suitable solutions.

This allows the patient to rediscover the path to positive change and the power of his or her own voice.

Why seek treatment? What are the results of treatment?

Everything is a matter of blockages in the body, both physically and psychologically. The facilitator helps patients to neutralise emotional blockages from the past and modify perceptions of the present, giving the patient greater choice.

As a result, all areas in which a patient feels trapped or subject to a force in opposition to his or her wishes and desires can be liberated thanks to active participation in the session. Thus, if you have a recurring physical pain or an emotional issue, your decision to consult is a first step to a solution.

With the facilitator, patients actively contribute to uncovering their own solutions. The effects of negative stress are then replaced by positive stress. Often, possibly too often, we accommodate a discomfort that grows over time and forms an emotional and/or physical block.

Creating the relationship between body, mind and soul can result in unconscious but extremely powerful effects related to the recent or distant past.

These may prevent you from:

  • Being healthy,
  • having open and clear social relationships,
  • learning in a new field,
  • or may confine you to recurring and frustrating cycles…

An endless list of troubles affecting each of us can be surpassed. You will feel liberated and open, in full possession of your power to choose for yourself.

A personal session lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes.