Audio Therapy


Audio therapy is based on the principle that the ear is an opening of the nervous system to the environment outside the body. The therapy begins with an audiogram compiled from 5 tests, which help to determine and confirm the patient’s psychological condition.

When the patient takes the auditory test, the patient’s hyper- and hypo- sensitive hearing appear as curves in the computer system. These curves mirror the patient’s emotions, social relationships, and psychological disturbances.

During the sonic cure, the patient listens to music that has been personalised and filtered (inverted and unusual frequencies, steady switching between high and low pitches, left/right lateralisation) to eliminate peaks in hyper-sensitive hearing.

This filtered music energises and broadens the patient’s auditory capacity, which is similar to rehabilitation of the auditory muscle system.

“A real starter for change”Dr JM ISSARTEL

Dr JM ISSARTEL, a French doctor, invented the HIPERION sonic cure, based on the research of Dr TOMATIS (otolaryngologist) and Dr BERAR. Dr ISSARTEL trains practitioners in this technique at the Neurology department of the University of Dijon School of Medicine.

Dr ISSARTEL maintains that the auditory system is closely linked to the brain, and auditory stimulation in a patient can affect his or her emotions. This concept has the support of Pr E. BIGAND, professor of cognitive Psychology at Bourgogne University School of Medicine, who has conducted supporting research at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France.

Who should seek audio therapy? What does audio therapy treat?

Audio therapy can be used on both adolescents and adults suffering from:

  • Behavioural difficulties, communication problems, lack of confidence, low concentration, lack of motivation, hyperemotivity;
  • Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, emotional stress (death, divorce, job loss, etc.), limited tolerance.
  • All chronic physiological problems, such as back pains, migraines, dermatitis, inflammations, digestive disorders, etc.

How audio therapy works

Audio therapy has 3 components:

  1. One listening test = audiogram
  2. One course of treatment consisting of 15 to 25 sessions, 30-35 minutes each.
  3. An assessment one month after start of treatment.